A natural event that has greatly affected man recently has been the volcanic eruptions of 2010 in Iceland. The Eyjafjallajokul as it is called unleashed ashes into the sky across Europe in the fourteenth day of April. This eruption caused a massive interruption in flights that came into or out of Europe which resulted in the closure of several airports. A large number of flights were reported to be cancelled, leaving millions of travelers stranded around the world.Little did the public realize that Eyjafjallajokul event had an objective was the initial leg semi-final match of FC Barcelona of Spain and Inter Milan of Italy. The volcanic eruption made the latter the target in order to wear the players out and give an opportunity for Inter Milan to gain home side. The opening leg was planned in Italy with the very busy soccer schedule, the match must go on as planned. Because of the time constraint, the players had to travel by road to Milan the journey had psychological consequences of fatigue for the team travelling. As a result, Barcelona did not win the game and was then eliminated from the Bus Charter Service tournament.
Eyjafjallajokul took place primarily for historical reasons. Its cause, the mover of the eruptions was however philosophical. The historical factor behind the event was fleshed out in the paper The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League. The philosophical component was extensively discussed in my book The Philosophy of the Cosmos.
According to The Philosophy of the Cosmos The foundations of the universe started when incorporeal entities called the abstracts imparted their power into the material of the physical universe. Abstracts refer to spirit, soul, air, mind, the mind, reason, and concepts. The objects that are created are cosmic organisms, animals, plants and even humans. They constitute the real. There is also the material such as mountains, rocks and so on. Thus, the cosmos is divided as abstract, real and the material. The abstracts that triggered the evolution and its objects continue to live in them.
According to The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League These abstracts that still form parts of this universe, developed through man, with specific features or characteristics due to certain conditions that existed over time. For instance, people from Ijebu Ode developed the traits of organization, intelligence and commercial enterprise through years of dealing with non-military solutions to their Local Citation Building survival. The traits of intelligence become fixed and permanent even when people do not engage in those activities that engendered the traits. The point at which the events that cause these traits is the metaphysic. These traits start to flow naturally following the generational transfer process that those activities too, traversed.
The most prestigious club competition in Europe, the decades of existence of the European Cup represents the centuries of Ijebu Ode’s negotiating for survival with non-military options while there is UEFA Champions League is the definitive, permanent, and unchangeable period of the developed traits of intelligence and organization of the Ijebu Ode people. The introduction in 1992 of the UEFA Champions League in 1992 was the metaphysical highlight of the European Cup era of 1956 until 1992.
For the UEFA Champions League the metaphysic constructed is based on historical antecedents of all the participating leagues and clubs. It is based upon historical precedent. This rule first started to form in 2000 when La liga leveled Serie A and Premier League for its 9th European silverware. The formal rule was put into force in 2002 when La liga won its 10 European cup. Since 2002 and still, neither has Serie A moved ahead of La liga nor did Premier League leapfrog Serie A. This is precisely the reason why Eyjafjallajokul washed its ashes to European airspace in the year 2010.
Real Madrid was the first club to take home the European Cup in 1956. It was the only club to win the trophy for five consecutive years. There is no other club that has ever played in European football has ever achieved something like this. FC Barcelona won the trophy at least once during the Nashville black car service European Cup era. It was a far cry from teams such as Bayern Munich and Liverpool that had trebles attained within the European Cup. In 2009, FC Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League. Six months later the club was able to claim all the awards it was competing for. In 2010, Guardiola’s team set about the task of becoming the first football club team to win the trophy. It was this goal of Barcelona which caused Eyjafjallajokul to spew ashes into the skies. Eyjafjallajokul was caused by the message underlying the rule of precedence , which applies to Barcelona says: You Cannot be At Present What Thou Has Not Been In the Past. The significance of this statement is that Barcelona does not have the pedigree to defend the cup. Only Real Madrid possessed such pedigree. Thus, only Madrid which boasts of its pedigree within Europe could achieve such a feat. This is why that the volcanic eruption.
What Barcelona tried but failed to achieve between 2010 and 2012 was the same thing that Real Madrid attempted and succeeded by achieving from 2016 until the year 2018. Barcelona encountered obstacles not in Inter Milan and Chelsea who were just the instruments of execution, but in Real Madrid. The reason is that Barcelona fell short in the collective sense of their managerial acumen and teamwork, as well as their exceptional talents all in their prime as Real Madrid, at the final stage of its triple, was able to beat all of its knockout stage rivals using an unstoppable string of luck that was never seen by any other club in the history of recorded sports tells the whole story: the struggles of Barcelona and triumph of Madrid were fabricated and planned.
Unfortunately, one of the match results from the 2017/2018 season, which was an indirect influence on Real Madrid’s eventual victory was the 3-0 thumping of Barcelona in Rome. AS Roma’s removal of FC Barcelona out of the 2017/2018 Champions League helped prevent a possibility of a clash against Real Madrid which could have led to a near-certain defeat for the eventual champions. The elimination of Roma also has far greater consequences to Barcelona soon to come. The Rome loss meant that Liverpool did not have a chance to play with Barcelona. The resurgence and the appearance of Liverpool to the semi-finals could be an unsettling development for Barcelona. Based on the head to the head base, Liverpool defeated Barcelona in the previous match in the first series of knockout ties, therefore, Barcelona would have had an encounter in the semifinals against Liverpool with her advantage.
The issue which is being addressed by Roma win and rise of Liverpool has brought to light is that the challenges that Barcelona was facing from 2010 until 2012, and that caused the Eyjafjallajokul to create an advantage in the case of Inter Milan is about to appear in a new way. The fact is Liverpool and Barcelona have five European titles each. Along with Bayern Munich, this trio includes three of the teams to have won several titles on the top levels at European football. Liverpool as well as Bayern Munich achieved trebles out of their quintuple in the European Cup era. Both of them had glorious eras of club football which predated Barcelona’s.
There are two clubs in the world. English and German club have an pedigree that Barcelona does not have and can’t boast of. Real Madrid, too, enjoyed a golden period at its beginning that predates the rest of the clubs. The fact that Real Madrid was the first to experience its golden era was the factor that explains why Barcelona did not prosper in Europe from 2009 until 2012 and Madrid between 2014 and the year 2018. With Liverpool as well as Bayern Munich now on queue to win European glory, Barcelona is about to experience the same fate as 2010 , when Eyjafjallajokul was unleashed on Europe.
The Barcelona’s troubles in Europe is mostly with Liverpool and Bayern Munich. They are the main obstacles to the success of the Catalans in Europe. The principle of precedence at club level implies that Barcelona will be a bit behind Liverpool and Bayern Munich for its 6th European title. At the level of leagues, Serie A and Premier League are currently tied at 12 European silverwares, meaning that Juventus would be the first club to be awarded European glory, and will be later followed by Liverpool later on. While they’re in a position to be able to win before Liverpool, Juventus still faces fierce competition from the current champions. The threat has however been exposed through their signing Cristiano Ronaldo.
The story of Ronaldo is a good example of how a man could in a peculiar situation through sustained activity to acquire the metaphysic required to make extraordinary achievements. Ronaldo took on the challenge due to the Messi rivalry over who was the best in the world. To this end, he crossed over the border to Spain in the summer of 2009 to prove that he’s the best. Remember the 40 goals of his debut in Spanish top-flight. After years of intense rivalry he would actually acquire the powers that will become the driving force behind four Champions League titles under 5 years old.
No longer at Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s exit has created a vacuum in a metaphysical sense, with which he defended at Real Madrid’s European Cup pedigree in recent years. The Portuguese will soon be deploying this metaphysical force as soon as Turin where there’s an established Serie A pedigree of the European Cup which Juventus currently relies on.
When Ronaldo’s metaphysical energy combines with the Serie A’s historical precedents to bring the necessary energy to glory in 2019 is likely to be ignited. It is this combination of historical and philosophical elements that will help ease Juventus over its rivals in the 2018/2019 season of the Champions League.
Apart from Real Madrid, the coming years is of importance to fans of players, administrators, players, and coaches from PSG, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City and Juventus in the UEFA Champions League. It is crucial to clubs who long for glory in the continental arena. In the coming years in particular the next three, are crucial to philosophy and metaphysics. Making use of this Champions League as laboratory, the course of the next three editions will demonstrate that metaphysics is something that is universal. It’s a fact that it exists; that there are metaphysical forces in the universe, that Eyjafjallajokul and Grimsvotn both occurred at the instigation of and in the aftermath of interactions between metaphysic forces that exist in the world and that both volcanoes had Barcelona as their object; that the metaphysic forces that drive the Champions League never wanted Barcelona to take the title in the 2011 edition in the end, the order of Juventus, Liverpool and to some extent Bayern Munich as victors of the Champions League that are all yet to kickoff, with FC Barcelona having to queue in the background to win the next time they win, will help substantiate the fact that the Eyjafjallajokul had the Catalan bigwigs in its main goal.

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